The Couple

When Nikki reached out to me, she made me so excited to shoot with her and Chris not only because this was going to be their first couple shoot but because her happiness with me just made me happy and I couldn't wait. 

Nikki and Chris met online, “Crazy to think that I found my person through a cheesy dating app!” On their first date Chris took Nikki across the ferry to Balboa Island, “We walked the pier and shared our first kiss under the sunset on the sand.”

What Nikki loves more about Chris is his calmness, his outlook on life and his giving personality.

The Location

Victoria Beach is located south of main beach and is known for its white sandy beach, beautiful blue-green waters and unique residences (old and new). But the main attraction is the “Pirate Tower that stands tall at the north end of the beach. We really wanted to do the shoot there but unfortunately, it was closed the day we visited. 

Victoria Beach is one of Laguna’s most private public beaches mainly because it is not easy to find and provides VERY limited parking.There can be a number of hazards and rip conditions. Waves tend to break on shore at this beach. The rock area can become unsafe during surf or high tide conditions. Remember to always keep an eye on the ocean since there are large waves that can take you by surprise.