The Family

Julian, Janine, & Jayce are from Long Beach, CA. Together they enjoy kayaking, hiking, traveling, watching movies, and playing baseball, “Any quality time is our favorite. We like to put puzzles together, play board games, ride our bikes at the beach.” When meeting them I also noticed how much Jayce enjoys running (he definitely kept me on my toes haha). 

Fun Fact: Jayce is student of the month and received an honor roll award!

Many people have struggled during the pandemic, and that was no different for this family as they missed being able to go outside, but together they provided emotional support for one another. Through yoga poses and lots of hugs, this family was able to destress, Julian states, “My advice for any other families out there is to love each other, but don’t forget to love yourselves too. Times are rough so cut yourself a break. Don’t forget to spend quality time together and really enjoy the moment. Give each other big group hugs and don’t forget to tell your family how much you love them & how much they mean to you. Be grateful for what you have. Don’t overlook your small blessings.”

The Location

Julian sent a photo of mine from a previous shoot and said that she likes the mountain look (unfortunately after that session I learned that I couldn’t do shoots there) so I went location scouting to find the perfect mountain backdrop. Julian chose this location because “We love the outdoors and I love the grass fields, the mountains and the sky. It’s just a beautiful view.” Deciding between locations that I had in mind, this location compelled me to explore and check out the whole scene. 

The view is a few feet from the street, but if you are down for a little (1.5 mile) hike it leads to many different views, my favorite being a hidden lake!